I never read or saw 50 Shades. It's basically like this though, right?
  1. "I'll drive, while you sleep for a bit" he said, shifting the car into first gear.
  2. Wordlessly, he lifted her heavy farmer's market basket with one arm.
  3. She gasped as he expertly made her orgasm in the dressing room at Barney's; afterwards the sales lady appeared to announce she'd found the dress... and it was on sale!
  4. "Why? Because I'm a feminist!" he interjected at the dinner party.
  5. As they waited for their brunch table, he drew her into a kiss - just as the smug girl from her pilates class was walking by.
  6. Her father wished them a safe trip back to the city; his voice revealing just a hint of his hard-to-win approval.
  7. They agreed on which documentary to watch on Netflix.
  8. "I'm getting a bit too skinny," she noted, looking at her naked body in the bedroom mirror.
  9. Dogs adored him.
  10. "Good conversation is the best aphrodisiac," he confessed.
  11. He stroked her hair, and she felt a bit less sad.
  12. Babies adored him.
  13. The fact that she cared about her work really turned him on.
  14. She loved to cook for him.
  15. He loved to get up early to make them both coffee
  16. They were their best selves with each other
  17. "Let's have children, and grow old together," he whispered, sending chills down her spine.
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