This is meant to be an open thread. Please add your 😘 via suggestions. You don't have to tell the whole story, unless you want to. Happy Friday!
  1. "Multiplicity" afternoon showing, Regal Cinemas in the Berkshire Mall (1996)
    I was at coed sleepaway camp in Western Massachusetts. It rained all week, so they finally caved and took some of us to the movies. I was 12, and he had just turned 13. The movie was "Multiplicity"- the comedy where Michael Keaton gets cloned. Our kiss was good. Genuine. We were in the 4th row and everyone saw.
  2. At night, on a grassy knoll in Madison, CT.
    9th grade. We met at a party. We went to different schools. We talked every night on the (landline) phone. We hung out in groups, mostly in suburban parking lots. One night, we walked alone to a grassy spot under a tree in a park. I was nervous & talked too much. He was sweet & knew what he was doing. He smelled of sandalwood & Nag Champa. I smelled of Winterfresh gum & Carmex. I was glad our braces didn't get caught on each other. We were BF & GF for many months after. Facebook friends now.
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  3. In Aaron Michaud's bed in Olinda, Maui, senior year of high school. (LATE SEXUAL BLOOMER ALERT)
    He had a girlfriend who was away in college, we spent all our time together, they broke up shortly thereafter, he started dating not me but another friend, we still spent all our time together, we made out again the night before the opening of a play we were both in and he promised me he wanted to be with me forever and have children and would break up w Tamara the next day but he never did. On senior trip my friends publicly shamed him and every time I saw him over the next 2 yrs he apologized.
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  4. On a plane flying over the Midwest, senior year of high school (ANOTHER LATE SEXUAL BLOOMER)
    We were on a flight from SFO to Washington DC, watching an episode of The Office on his IPod and sharing headphones. The battery ran out with 2 hours left of the trip, so I pouted and asked "What do we do now?" Make out. That's what we do. Across the aisle from our AP Government teacher, because we had no shame! I suppose this means I have @bjnovak and @mindy to thank for my first kiss.
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  5. On a picnic table near a lake in Houston, TX
    This wasn't my first kiss but it was my first real gay kiss :) Homo love was particularly taboo in 1998 in the Bible Belt - first dates weren't at the movies, they were in secluded (and rustic!) places. We met at the lake and both knew what was going to happen, even though we weren't even "out" to each other (or anyone). I remember all the smells and the (revolting) combo that is still erotic: Crest toothpaste (mint), Big Red and Cool Water cologne. It was amazing.
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  6. Also I think I blew him too!?!! Lol. #gayshame #gayromance #sexualfrustration
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