Ever have trouble deciding if your friend is shrewd and clever, or just an asshole? Some clues...
  1. A discerning critic starts debates. Asks questions.
  2. A hater speaks with finality, shutting down all dialogue.
  3. A discerning critic champions things as often as he tears things apart.
  4. A hater always finds a way to be dissatisfied.
  5. A discerning critic gets his hands dirty. He sits through the whole movie/meal/performance.
  6. A hater stays in his comfort zone. Makes jokes off the trailer. Tweets.
  7. A discerning critic discusses his own biases and flaws.
  8. A hater has zero self-awareness. Never positions himself inside a topic.
  9. A discerning critic uses his good taste to build things of his own.
  10. A hater makes jokes about things built by others.
  11. A discerning critic is passionate.
  12. A hater is smug.
  13. A discerning critic solves problems.
  14. A hater feeds on them.
  15. I discerning critic is surprisingly good in bed.
  16. A hater never takes off his sunglasses in Tinder photos.
  17. A discerning critic loves complexity.
  18. A hater keeps things binary.
  19. A discerning critic asks your opinion. He cares what you think.
  20. A hater cares what you think about him.