How to know which one you had this morning. NOTE: Based on personal experience. But I'd love to see someone's less heteronormative version of this list.
  1. Timing
    Timing in a One Night Stand means "last call." Timing in Casual Sex means "I'm just not in a place to date right now."
  2. Line That Signals It's On
    One Night Stand: "Want to get out of here?" Casual Sex: "Let's share an uber."
  3. Feminist Inner Monologue
    One Night Stand: "Get it gurl!" Casual Sex: "I'm such a modern woman." "I'm breezy."
  4. Intimacy
    Intimacy in A One Night Stand means leaving the lights on. Intimacy in Casual Sex means making each other laugh, before you fall asleep.
  5. Frequency
    A One Night Stand happens... once. Casual Sex can happen between one and infinity times. Or until one of you confesses deeper feelings for the other. And things get awkward. Or you enter a magical rom com fourth dimension and start dating. Alt version: you used to date but it didn't work out and now just sleep together when you are both single. This is healthy. (Right?! Right. So breezy.)
  6. Satisfaction
    One Night Stand: 🙏🙏🙏 Casual Sex: practice makes perfect
  7. Is this a booty call?
    No. Neither of these is a Booty Call. The Booty Call is like the impotent mule child of the One Night Stand and Casual Sex. A Booty Call requires no artifice. No courtship. It is sex waiting to be served, lazily sitting under a restaurant heat lamp. Best consumed after 2am when drunk.
  8. Sustenance
    One Night Stand: Breakfast. He picks up the tab. Casual Sex: Brunch. You split the bill.