1. Standing naked in front of a large glass window, high above Central Park.
  2. Women who walk onto airplanes with nothing but a cashmere wrap, a subtle designer purse (with French Vogue discretely peaking out), and big sunglasses.
    How?! And they don't even really walk, they float.
  3. Turkish coffee served from a traditional copper pot.
    Also Affogato (espresso poured over vanilla gelato). Really all coffee-based rituals.
  4. Heated seats.
    Heated seats are glamorous in any car (whatup, Jettas), but especially so in a fancy convertible where the heat comes out of the neck rest to keep your shoulders warm.
  5. Picking fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden to make a simple and fresh impromptu dinner.
    Best if eaten in said garden at twilight - drinking wine amongst loved ones, as their laughter dances off into the cool night air.
  6. The women who swan around inside the glass box in the lobby of The Standard Hotel, West Hollywood
    This is a weird one. I know the glass box is supposed to peak both my feminist and "Boston good taste" ire (and it does I guess, intellectually). But in my heart, I still find it so glamorous that it can be your job simply to rest and be admired like an orchid. I would ace this job. And I would happily watch men lounge in a glass box too.
  7. Clean white sheets every day.
    There's nothing like falling into a giant, soft bed with newly laundered sheets.
  8. When a lover gently puts his or her hand on the small of your back, to guide you through a room.
    Particularly glamorous when leaving an elegant restaurant and stepping out into a perfect New York spring night.
  9. Freshly cut flowers in large vases.
    I'm more into a wild bunch made up of a single kind of flower than a carefully crafted bouquet.
  10. A cigarette precariously dangling from someone's lips. (Sorry!)
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    I don't smoke, and I don't really like to be around it. But I still find this look alluring. I can't help it. See photo to the right: my great great grandfather, the poet.
  11. A clawfoot bathtub.
    My ideal home has three things: two ovens, an avocado tree, and a clawfoot bathtub.
  12. Pink champagne at breakfast
    Billecart-Salmon ftw.
  13. Having someone dedicate a book to you.
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    (Pic from the movie Love Jones)