I was not the token girl tonight, and the gender balance oddly meant there was a lot less gossip than usual. Still some notable discoveries...
  1. Paul McCartney has an album he recorded entirely by himself in his basement in 1979: McCartney II. It is weird and great... and includes a song that allegedly inspired TLC's Waterfalls.
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    Did everyone else know this except me?!
  2. Babies aren't ticklish until they are old enough to realize another human is tickling them.
  3. The mayor of Ithaca is a 28 year old Democrat in his 4th year in office, and he's doing an excellent job.
  4. Dog shared-custody makes up the primary clientele of a local LA doggie daycare where my friend takes his dog (which he got with his ex)
  5. Wine and peanut butter pretzels do not taste good together.
  6. Malcolm-Jamal Warner wrote an autobiography called "Theo and Me: Growing Up Ok." And the book jacket unfolds into a glossy photo poster.
    Why our host hadn't had this framed remains a mystery. Also "Growing Up Ok" is a pretty heartbreaking subtitle, no?
  7. Snooping through someone's bookshelf can tell you a lot about them.
  8. I will never be a professional poker player.
    I knew this one already.