Change is good. But not as good as staying the same.
  1. Twinkies
    The great Hostess bankruptcy panic of 2012.
  2. Electric cars
  3. Prince
    The artist no longer formerly known as.
  4. Polaroid-style film
  5. Seltzer delivery
    Thank you, hipsters!
  6. Coca Cola original recipe
  7. Hamlet's Father
  8. Scrunchies
  9. The Javan Elephants
  10. Good fats
  11. My goldfish in 2nd grade
  12. 3D porn films
    Right, @newbeverly?
  13. Absinthe
  14. The United Artists Theatre
  15. Bespoke tailoring
  16. Physical media
    Vinyl, cassettes, zines...
  17. Caftans
  18. Martha Stewart
  19. Bell bottoms
    Suggested by @sally
  20. Shoulder pads
    And then they went away again
    Suggested by @seantimberlake
  21. mom jeans
    Suggested by @lindsaygelfand
  22. Overalls
    Suggested by @wikiHow