Reasons I feel embarassed about being Dutch

  1. Geert Wilders
    His ideas...but also...really...his hairdo... No! Just no! The true shame being that his political party, which is based on islamofobia and hatred is the largest in the polls. Shame on us Dutchies.
  2. Zwarte Piet
    I always preferred Zwarte Piet over Sinterklaas as a child, but lately I am starting to believe it is time for Piet to just slowly leave by the backdoor...
  3. Orange..
    I mean what kind of colour is orange!?
  4. Windmills and tulips
    I would strap myself to a southern European type of windmill anyday..the Dutch ones are so over the top... and those tulips...meh..a boring flower enslaved by men...
  5. Clogs
    Noisy buggers
  6. Apartheid
    It is a Dutch word...wonder why...?
  7. We have a monarch
    Although I would rather have a monarch than a chosen idiot like Trump, a monarch as head of state is not very 2016-ish.. But here's a little secret...she's the real boss...
  8. We did not qualify for Euro 2016
    Just kidding...😂