Why I think Anne Boleyn (still) rules

  1. She put a spell on him... She was not considered a traditional beauty, but for quite some years she managed to captivate Henry VIII. She became the one he had to have. Her blowing him off drove him insane. He blew up the Catholic Church in England to divorce wife 1 and marry AB. Unfortunately for her she was to be wife nr. 2 in a series of 6..
  2. If she had had a mobile she would be texting her way to the throne!
    During their courting Anne and Henry sent each other messages during mass, scribbled in a prayer book. Anne was clever enough to tease Henry with the prospect of a male child (his heir) by scribbling her message of love and blablabla beneath a picture of the Archangel Gabriel telling the virgin Mary that she would have a son. Ah you clever woman!
  3. Ainsi sera, groigne qui groigne French for: "Grumble all you like, this is how it’s going to be.” Anne took it as her motto for a short time, hinting at the fact she knew all too well she was unpopular with the English people for her role in breaking up marriage to wife nr. 1. The motto was sort of a Tudoresque "Up yours".
  4. She liked to play cards...and often won
    Hit me!
  5. She stood up for herself
    Her wit and intelligence were her greatest assets. They were accompanied by a fiery temper. She had no problems with telling Henry to go F*** himself in public. Quite ahead of her time.. See the word 'head' popping up here?
  6. She had quite a cool daughter: Elizabeth I
    They did not have time for proper mother-daughter bonding, but when Elizabeth I died in 1603 they found a ring with two portraits in it. One of Elizabeth and one of her mother. Awwwwww
  7. She had the worst divorce settlement EVER
    Have your hubby suddenly leave you at a party without as much as a "see ya later"... See your friends and brother being arrested one by one..fearing you must be next. Knowing wife nr 3 is waiting for her turn.. Put on trial with trumped up charges...condemned to death...and to have to pay your executioner...no coffin provided... And all because you could not keep your big mouth shut and be the obedient wife..