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8 days in #Hawaii with 2 teens
  1. Snorkeling at Mauna Lani
  2. Exploring Volcanoes National Park and seeing Kilauea crater glow at night
  3. Stargazing on Mauna Kea (brrrr!)
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  1. Really, I'm struggling with the breathing part?
  2. Ok, moving now, so far so good
  3. Oh, that looked like it was going to be easier than it was
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My son is a student at BU so I have an excuse to visit Boston year-round This is what it looks Iike in spring.
  1. Granary Burying Ground
  2. Boston Public Garden
  3. Paul Revere and the Old North Church
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Yes, some of our best family time is in front of the TV. But I'll take any opportunity to get my kids to hang out in the same room with us.
  1. Mythbusters
    With much commentary since we are a house of engineers and science nerds.
  2. The Middle
    We all see a little bit of ourselves in this family.
  3. Late Night With Stephen Colbert
    Who doesn't love Stephen??
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