1. Confession 1: I stopped reading your multi part story at the third tweet. If it takes that many tweets to say it's a blog post ( or a List App list).
  2. Confession 2: when you tell me there's a funny/interesting/angry conversation happening in a private group or platform that none of us has access to it feels exclusionary.
  3. Confession 3: If you have a business and tweet about it a LOT, I wish you would use a consistent hashtag or better yet a second account. I like you a lot but I'm really not interested in buying something from you.
  4. Confession 4: some days I avoid Twitter for hours. That's why my replies seem to come from a different time zone.
  5. Confession 5: People who watch TV in the Pacific Time Zone hate live tweeting from the Eastern Time Zone and really wish you'd hashtag that shit.