In no particular order
  1. My exquisite collection of knives.
    Bc I am a ninja. Or a chef.
  2. Cookie tin I've had since age 4 with teddy bears on the cover that reads "Best buddies"
    I have actually confirmed with my husband that I'd rather be put in this tin than a fancy urn when I'm cremated.. is that listapp TMI or just morbid??
  3. My wedding ring.
  4. My pups
    They aren't really possessions though...
  5. 63 yr old cast iron thali pot, from India via my great grandmother
    My mom was going to donate it bc it's not a functional pot anymore. She cray.
  6. Vintage French copper bowls
    Picked up and restored by yours truly for $3 at the flea market.
  7. Photo albums
    no one makes these anymore :(
  8. My iPhone
    Bc it literally makes my life work. I am a bot.
  9. My first edition copy of Tandia.
    Fav book. Must read!!!
  10. My cookbook collection..
    Which I love to look at. But rarely use.
  11. My yellow le creuset goose pot
    Which weighs nigh on 36lbs.. So you can guess how frequently it gets pulled out..
  12. My bed.
    I really really love my bed.
  13. SMC pin
    Hub's grandmother and I share the same initials... Pretty special to be gifted her SMC gold pin from her wedding on our wedding day.