1. Anthony Bourdain space knife
    Where can I get one??? Please advise!
  2. Cook County tax code for parking spots
    Those fools won't leave you alone even when you live in LA.
  3. Vodka
    Essential home bar recommendations?
  4. People who think about Vodka before noon..
  5. DIY laundry starch.
    Vodka, essential oil, water.
  6. Chicken.
    Chicken confront bleu.. Chicken florentine.. Chicken campanal.. Chicken hearts.. Homemade dog treats.
  7. What does the shape of your lipstick say about you?
    Original slant girl, folks. Start judging..
  8. Netflix vampire/witch/werewolf show reviews
  9. Best shower curtain liner
    Found: $9 on Amazon, apparently it's made of anti-mildew.
  10. How to make a Kahlúa mudslide
    *did not make one, again for noon reasons
  11. Vacation package pricing to Thailand.
    What! Cheaper to be on Vacay?!?!?!?!?!
  12. Vacation package pricing to Antarctica.
    Not cheaper.
  13. Halloween couples costumes.
    Generally, terrible.
  14. Puppies.