But I might still be growing up...
  1. "Dr. Misra"
    I'm Indian, it was required at birth.
  2. Olympic ice skater
    *note, I could not then ice skate. I also cannot ice skate now.
  3. Ballerina
    Age 4, began lessons. But age 4, hated tights.
  4. Pediatric neurologist
    My mom made me practice prior to saying it on stage at my kindergarten graduation. Huh.
  5. Rich person
    I think that this is someone out there's job, right? This was when my parents informed be that the GAP was for rich kids. #kmartkid
  6. Lawyer
    Bc Portia de Rossi + Lucy Liu on Ally McBeal
  7. Back to Doctor
    Brainwashing runs deep.
  8. Feminist activist
    Let's call this the late high school-college/don't have real bills yet years...
  9. Stock broker! International business woman of mystery!
    Shit. Ok fine, I took the MCAT.
  10. Music Agent
    Dabbled, walked toward the sun.
  11. Lawyer
    Bc it's not as long as med school and I'm 25 and I can help people and I like to read and stuff?
  12. Chef / culinary instructor / event coordinator
    Cooking is fun and relaxing. I like parties.
  13. Wife. Dogmom. Mom?
  14. ........
    Work in progress.