Because you should know all the facts before you vote.
  1. Top three most used emojis?
  2. Favorite Foreign Leader?
  3. Favorite One Direction Member?
    Justin Bieber
  4. Favorite Kardashian?
  5. Greatest accomplishment?
    Governing the great state of New Mexico, setting of the American classic "High School Musical."!
  6. Biggest disappointment?
    When I found out no one was actually high in "High School Musical".
  7. Favorite band?
    Nickelback. Widely disregarded but they refuse to give up. Remind you of anyone??
  8. Favorite flower?
    Just the regular ole white kind. Great for making tortillas, a staple in New Mexico!!!
  9. Best memory?
    Uhhhh. Ehhhh. Can't remember anything right now. Guess I'm having an Aleppo moment. Lol!
  10. Any closing statements?
    About what? Where am I right now?