1. Swan floats
  2. Unnecessary firework snapchats
  3. Red, White & Blue Svedka bottles
  4. Alcohol poisoning
  5. Girls wearing red bandanas as shirts
  6. Firework Boomerangs
  7. Sparkler Instagrams
  8. 'Merica Instagram captions
  9. Girls wearing American flags like they're capes
  10. Racist girls wearing confederate flags like they're capes
  11. Someone making a joke about how America is 2,016 years old.
  12. Someone who actually thinks America is 2,016 years old.
  13. Snapchat videos of people beer bonging "for America"
  14. Inappropriate hot dog jokes
  15. Snapchat videos of people throwing up "for America"
  16. Musical.ly's to a sped up version of "God Bless America"
  17. An Instagram of someone holding their American flag bathing suit top over their head as they flash all of Malibu
  18. A tweet from Donald Trump that says, "Obama celebrating the 4th when he's not even from America #shameful"
  19. A new tweet that says, "sorry haters, I tried to find Obama's birth certificate. He emailed it to Crooked Hillary but she deleted it. *star of David emoji*"
  20. A Facebook fight between a conservative drunk uncle and his liberal niece over gun control.
  21. Your 60 year old neighbor (that you thought you blocked?) trying to convince everyone that the 4th of July is about the troops.
  22. Red lip stick.
  23. Dudes wearing Oakley sunglasses drinking beer on a boat.
  24. The ghost of Abraham Lincoln weeping in the corner over the state of American politics.