Levels of Lit I Aspire to Be

Merry Litmas, as the kids say. 🎄
  1. Pam Beesly at the Dundies after she won the award for whitest sneakers.
  2. Meredith when her hair caught on fire at Moroccan Christmas.
  3. Jim and Pam after they took an extra long, bottomless champagne filled Valentines Day lunch break.
  4. Erin when her ex showed up to the party with his new girlfriend Jessica
  5. Michael when he needed to double check and make sure that 15 handles of vodka would get 20 people drunk
  6. Andy when he ate Gabe's powdered seahorse and Erin's Glee Viewing Party
  7. Drunk Darryl in general
  8. Michael and Erin when Holly came back from Christmas break with no engagement ring
  9. Oscar and Andy when they drunk called Angela from Canada
  10. Drugged out Ryan Howard