For those who like to sound semi-committed and half-heartedly into it.
  1. "She's cool I guess."
    Very ~romantic~
  2. "I think I'll keep him."
    Keep him...hostage? Is he currently tied up in your basement?
  3. "Not a bad day with this guy."
    Wait, so just to be clear...THIS guy, right? The only guy in the picture?
  4. "Thankful for you."
    FYI it's not Thanksgiving.
  5. "I guess I kinda like him."
    Your love must run deep.
  6. "😊"
  7. "Happy."
    Hold on let me go grab a piñata.
  8. "Love hanging with this weirdo."
    Spoiler alert: you're the two most normal people I've ever met in my life.