Short list of friend requirements.. 🤔
  1. Please kill the bugs.....
    I can be a tough nugget but if a little ant is crawling next to me- HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
  2. Be honest
    If there's a booger on my nose, you better freaking point it out!!!!! Also: Tell me how you really feel 🤓
  3. Point out puppies to me: Let's pet together
    Everyone loves puppies, the point is to PET!
  4. COMIDA (food)
    Well. I'm surprised food isn't at the top of the list but hey, food is what our friendship has GOT to revolve around. Wake up, let's get bagels. Have lunch together- binge watch some shows and let's go into a Chinese food coma together 🤔 I'll feed you some noodles and you feed me some egg rolls #Done