Ways to improve Netflix

  1. Choice of Main Categories
    Example: I watch a lot of movies and TV shows that are genre specific. Sci-fi, fantasy and superheroes. I also enjoy animation. But I don't watch westerns. Let me turn off categories that I am not going to be watching anything in anyway. I can get to the stuff I would be interested in faster that way.
  2. Sorting by program length
  3. Sorting between movies and television
  4. Sorting by alphabet
  5. Ability to create multiple lists with tagging, etc.
  6. Clearly marked dates for content removal on all apps.
  7. Downloadable content for offline viewing
    Great for traveling and spotty internet.
  8. Ability to queue an episode from a different show while watching
    When I work out for a little over an hour, I like to watch an hour long show (runtime is between 40 and 50 minutes) and a half hour long sitcom (runtime is between 20 and 25 minutes). I'd like to have it auto play what I picked to be next, rather than the next episode of the same show.
  9. Sync with my digital video collection(s)
    If it's in my Ultraviolet collection, Vudu, Flixster, Disney Movies Anywhere, etc., have a playlist for those items as well. If I have the movie or show in my queue, it becomes redundant and could be automatically removed.
  10. Make it easy to search for things based on category
    During Christmas time, I want to find Christmas specials, not just titles with the word Christmas in them. Tagging would help immensely here.