Sorry, this is a pet peeve!
  1. Medicinal not "medi-seenal"
  2. Salmon, not "sall-mon" the "l is silent people!
  3. Birthday, not "birf-day". The day of your birth.
  4. Many small rodents in a group are mice, not "mices"
  5. Concierge, not "consee-air". Yes it's French, but the word is in English usage and pronounced "kôNˈsyerZH"
  6. This is a contentious one in our household - folk, pronounced fōk not foLk (the emphasis on the "l")
  7. Espresso- yep, no "x" anywhere in sight.
  8. And while I'm on the letter "x" it's escape, not excape.
  9. Case of a missing "t" - it's mountain, not "moun-in"
  10. A commonly mispronounced phrase - for all intents and purposes, not "for all intensive purposes".