1. Captain America
    He's a favorite of mine for the same reason number one is: his unwavering moral center. Steve Rogers is a hero because of who he is, not what he can do.
  2. Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman is a hero with many layers. By that I mean she's been around so long and interpreted in so many ways that people almost get to choose who she is. In that spirit, I have a specific path of character growth I see for Diana. She's a character about the line between justice and vengeance and I find that very fertile ground for storytelling.
  3. The Flash
    The Flash has been a favorite for decades. I grew up with Wally West and I love him for the legacy and hero worship that are built into his character. But recently the Flash tv series has given Barry Allen a depth that I don't think he's ever had in the comics. Watching him grow as a hero and seeing the struggles he overcomes have endeared him to me every bit as much as Wally is.
  4. Spider-man (Miles Morales)
    Miles is one of the most complete characters in comics. Following his story from the beginning, you get a real sense of who Miles is and what an amazing boy he would be even without powers. He wouldn't necessarily be a hero, but his heart would still be wide open to those who need his help.
  5. Superman
    I don't know what to say other than Superman has been a part of my life since I was two. He's the representation of ultimate good for whoever is viewing him; your opinion of him--whether he's awesome or childish or old fashioned--is likely based on how realistic you think ultimate good is in the world. To me, realistic or not, ultimate good is always worth striving for.