10 Random Gifs I have Saved On My Phone

I talk in gifs alot with my sister.
  1. Mindy Kaling
    I love this one. Its perfect for when my sister and I are talking about certain things some guys do. Ha!
  2. Ryan Howard/BJ Novak
    I use this one when I am talking about my new status or list and the person has no idea.
  3. Charlie Puth
    When I want to wave at someone.
  4. Spongebob Squarepants
    For when I just did something or said something cool.
  5. Steve - Blue's Clues
    Because why not.
  6. Mindy and BJ
  7. Dancing Cheeseburger
    It's so cute!
  8. James Marsden
    To let someone know I will text them.
  9. BJ Novak
    When someone makes a good point.
  10. Jennifer Lawrence
    Because its true.