1. 1 Regret
    Not being nicer to my sister when we were younger. I was pretty aggressive and volatile when we were kids.
  2. 1 Moment of Pride
    Singing the National Anthem at my dad's Air Force retirement ceremony. It was something he really wanted and it was nice to be able to be apart of that moment for him.
  3. 1 Goal
    Be more tidy. I'm the girl who sprints around her apartment, working up panic sweats, cleaning up dishes and laundry and clutter when someone comes over.
  4. 1 Dream
    Have my own English classroom full of buzzing middle-school minds.
  5. 1 Fantasy
    Having a cool X-men type power. Telepathy, telekenesis maybe. Something cool that wouldn't make me hide in the shadows or behind cheap sunglasses.