This week on the show, we explore our values and motivations when it comes to the workplace. Here are some things we learned. Full episode:
  1. Don’t be a “superchicken”
    Margaret Heffernan explains why having a company that’s all super stars is actually bad for productivity with an interesting experiment involving chickens.
  2. Ikea, Bionicles, and even PowerPoints, can teach us something about work and meaning.
    People tend to be motivated to do more work if the work they put in gets results they can see. Behaviorist economist Dan Ariely explains how when you spend time putting something together, you get more satisfaction from it.
  3. People can find meaning in almost any job.
    Psychologist Barry Schwartz says how you think about your work changes what you get out of it. He explains how a group of hospital janitors, who had to do menial tasks that came with job description, felt valued in their workplace.
  4. Going by the name Steve instead of Stephanie got you in the door at many businesses if you were a woman in the 60’s.
    Dame Stephanie “Steve” Shirley ran a business that was almost entirely women in the 1960’s. She’s living proof that sheer determination can make you successful, even when the deck is stacked against you.