It's hard to change habits, but a gentle push can move us in the right direction. These TED speakers offer deceptively simple "nudges" for managing our kids, our health, and our aspirations. Listen to the full episode here:
  1. How mindfulness might help you quit smoking.
    Psychiatrist Judson Brewer describes how patients who practice simple mindfulness techniques can kick unhealthy habits.
  2. Carol Dweck finds that the words adults use to describe kids' progress affects the children's belief in their own potential.
  3. Could teaching girls to code help close the gender gap?
    Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani offers a creative solution to gently push young women into making bold decisions. Her program aims to close the gender gap in computer science.
  4. How public health issues can be solved with nudging.
    We have the treatments to end health problems like infant diarrhea. Sendhil Mullainathan says the "last mile" nudge is to encourage people to use them.