Our latest episode examines how we can rethink death -- so that we can live better. We talked with Candy Chang, the artist behind the “Before I Die” walls, who shared some of the responses people have written. What do you want to do before you die? Add to the list and let us know. Listen to the segment here: http://n.pr/1SNZwdd
  1. See the world become a better place
  2. Be a great dad
  3. Meet Beyonce
  4. Sail around the world
  5. Write a book. Or 6.
    Suggested by @justanavrgguy
  6. See my kids become successful adults AND build my own house.
    Suggested by @sjc17805
  7. Have no regrets.
    Suggested by @thekimbos
  8. Truly fall in love. Even for just a moment.
    Suggested by @Charlie_Chester
  9. Smile because I made a difference
    Suggested by @yd_nani
  10. I want to learn to play an instrument .
    Suggested by @copybend
  11. Master woodworking
    Suggested by @alische
  12. Inspire my kids to make the world a better place
    Suggested by @sreiden
  13. Out of my comfort zone
    Suggested by @kathkyl
  14. Die painlessly
    Suggested by @listenup
  15. See the Northern Lights
    Suggested by @thejawoo
  16. enter myself into an eating contest of any sort
    Suggested by @jessicannoli
  17. Say I lived a life a kindness and generosity.
    Suggested by @fade