Brand Over Brain

Brands help us assign value to almost everything we buy. But is there a way to know the difference between real and created value? These TED speakers explore the seductive power of brands.
  1. Why do we like what we like? We have a great appreciation for the story of an object:
    Why do we like an original painting better than a perfect forgery? Psychologist Paul Bloom argues that our beliefs about the history of an object change how we experience it.
  2. What’s the difference between real and perceived value?
    Marketer Rory Sutherland says advertising adds value to a product by changing our perception, rather than the product itself. He says perceived value can be just as satisfying as what we consider "real" value.
  3. Can brand create authenticity?
    Customers want to feel what they buy is authentic, but consultant Joseph Pine says creating "real" authenticity is a challenge.
  4. Morgan Spurlock's quest to create the greatest movie ever sold:
    Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock dives into the mysterious but influential world of brand marketing, on his quest to make a completely sponsored film about sponsorship.