Moments of crisis can upend our lives, but can also help define them. This week on the show, we showcase moments of crisis -- from personal to global -- and what we can all learn from them. http://n.pr/1UYrXGo
  1. How a climber who was presumed dead during a storm on Mt. Everest pulled himself out of the snow: http://n.pr/1X2Ob8b
  2. During a vacation, Matt Weinstein got a phone call that threw him into crisis: He had lost his life’s savings in Bernie Madoff’s investment scam. http://n.pr/1RPLNx1
  3. The story of a young Syrian refugee who survived four days at sea after her boat sank: http://n.pr/1SF4Woz
  4. For most people, a stroke and losing the ability to talk or move would be devastating. But for Kitra Cahana’s father, it was transcendent. http://n.pr/22UW3Qd
  5. By feeding texts into a database, the Crisis Text Line can help counselors respond more quickly to people in crisis. http://n.pr/1SrFQH6
    Some of the things they’ve found out: The worst time of day for substance abuse? 5 am. The worst day of the week for eating disorders? Mondays.