Most of us were raised to believe that tolerance is a good thing, but is it enough or just the bare minimum? In our latest episode, TED speakers explore how to move beyond tolerance to a place of deeper understanding.
  1. Why conservatives and liberals need each other.
    Social scientist Arthur Brooks explains how conservatives and liberals can cooperate to overcome gridlock and build a better economy.
  2. How we can have more candid conversations about race.
    Diversity advocate Vernā Myers makes a powerful case for acknowledging our subconscious biases and assumptions about others.
  3. Is the key to depoliticizing abortion an approach called “pro-voice?”
    The strong emotions sparked by abortion leave little room for thoughtful debate. To cut through the tension, Aspen Baker says we should openly tell — and listen to — stories about women who had abortions or decided not to.
  4. Could the key to peace in the Middle East be...tourism?
    Social entrepreneur and educator Aziz Abu Sarah describes how he came to lead tours in which Jews, Muslims, and Christians cross contested borders to spend time in each others cultures.