It's an unpleasant thought, but we're exposed to toxins every day. These TED speakers ask: should we accept our toxic world as reality or can we make change?
  1. What can we learn from one of the world’s most toxic accident? Home is a powerful thing.
    Filmmaker Holly Morris talks about her time with the "Babuschkas of Chernobyl" — the elderly women who decided to stay in Chernobyl, Ukraine, after the worst nuclear accident in history.
  2. Why we need to be vigilant about everyday toxins.
    Biologist Tyrone Hayes talks about the concerning effects of the herbicide atrazine, which is part of a group of chemicals that are found in everyday food and household products.
  3. Toxins from plastics are making their way into the food chain -- but there’s hope.
    Ocean advocate Emily Penn has seen first hand how much plastic ends up in the oceans. She explains how the toxins from plastic makes their way into our food chain and how we might be able to stop it.
  4. Simply asking patients “where do you live?” can help doctors protect them from toxic environments.
    When Dr. Rishi Manchanda worked in a clinic in South Central Los Angeles, he saw that patients were getting sick because of toxic living conditions — so he tried a unique treatment approach.