1. Sean Carroll: Why Does Time Exist? http://n.pr/1fmeF4J
    This one might melt your brain -- but in a good way.
  2. Brian Greene: Is Our Universe The Only Universe? Part 1: http://n.pr/1lSEYin Part 2: http://n.pr/1vaqgUZ
    Physicist Brian Greene shows how the unanswered questions of physics (starting with a big one: What caused the Big Bang?) have led to the theory that our own universe is just one of many in the "multiverse."
  3. Chris Milk: What Happens When We Step Inside The Screen? Part 1http://n.pr/1Q6rPiq Part 2 http://n.pr/1Q6sala
    Filmmaker Chris Milk uses cutting edge technology to create a film experience that immerses the viewer. He explains how virtual reality has allowed him to create the "ultimate empathy machine."
  4. Hannah Fry: How Can Math Help You Fall In Love? http://n.pr/1wayBOY
    Mathematician Hannah Fry explains how to find an ideal mate and the secret to maintaining a healthy relationship using the power of math.