Humans need food, sleep, safety, love, purpose. Psychologist Abraham Maslow ordered our needs into a hierarchy. This episode, TED speakers explore that spectrum of need, from primal to profound.
  1. Physiological:
    For this episode, we focused on the basic human need of sleep. We know we need to do it to stay alive, but much about it remains a mystery.
  2. Giphy
    Computer security expert Bruce Schneier says there's a big difference between feeling secure and actually being secure. He explains why we worry about unlikely dangers while ignoring more probable risks.
  3. Love + Belonging:
    Journalist Sebastian Junger was embedded with soldiers in the Korengal Valley during the war in Afghanistan. One of the reasons some veterans miss war, he says, is because it fulfills a deep human need to belong to a trusted group.
  4. Giphy
    Caroline Casey was 17 years old when she first learned she was visually impaired. Embracing her disability helped nourish her need for self-esteem.
  5. Self-actualization:
    Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says we can achieve one of the most elusive needs — self-actualization — by finding a state of "flow" in our work or our hobbies.