Reasons To Slow Down 🐢🐢🐢

These TED speakers explore why taking it slow is crucial for all of us. Full episode here:
  1. Taking the time to do simple, thoughtful activities like write a letter helps you connect with loved ones.
  2. Slowing down, even procrastinating, might make you more creative.
    Despite being a self-described 'pre-crastinator, psychologist Adam Grant says those who slow down — even procrastinate — tend to be more creative, original thinkers.
  3. But then again...procrastinating isn’t always fun.
    Blogger Tim Urban explains his process of extreme procrastination in which his brain wages war between instant gratification and the moment of pure panic just before a deadline.
  4. It helps you better understand your anxieties.
    Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe says one path to happiness is ten minutes, each day, to stop and enjoy the sensation of doing nothing.
  5. You might see something you don’t expect —like a massive slow motion portrait.
    Early in his career, video artist Gabriel Barcia-Colombo noticed the way people breeze past works of art. He describes how his deliberate, slow-moving installations encourage people to stop and think.
  6. Slowing down is necessary — even if it’s in the form of “slow TV."
    Norwegian TV producer Thomas Hellum describes why his programs — which feature hours of train rides, fishing, and knitting — help viewers slow down and return to life in 'real time.'