Journalist Sebastian Junger’s TED talk sheds light on an important reality many veterans face once they return home -- the strange feeling of missing combat. Here are the best quotes. Listen here:
  1. “[Soldiers] don't miss killing people. They don't miss almost getting killed, getting injured themselves, losing their friends. What they miss is brotherhood. They miss being part of a very tightly bonded group where pretty much everyone in that group is willing to risk or even sacrifice their life for the safety, for the welfare of everyone else."
  2. “Brotherhood's different from friendship. It's a mutual agreement in a group that you will put the welfare of the group, you will put the safety of everyone in the group, above your own.”
  3. “I think the desire for inclusion is so powerful and hard wired into our brains that so permanently that even if you didn't have that kind of inclusion at home, once you experience it for the first time, it feels powerful and familiar and the thing you want above all else.”
  4. “For those of you who've been divorced, sometimes people look back with real nostalgia on the good times of a marriage that had to end. Combat's a little bit the same way. It's like, my God, it was the worst thing that ever happened, but still, I kind of miss that."