When the future is uncertain, how should we respond? These TED speakers explain why they believe the future is bright. Listen to the full episode here: http://n.pr/1rxUHK6
  1. Al Gore is optimistic about climate change -- and why you should be, too. http://n.pr/24BKLh7
  2. Why most of us might be natural optimists. http://n.pr/1T4PUw3
    Cognitive neuroscientist Tali Sharot makes the case for why humans are wired to have what she calls an "optimism bias."
  3. Teacher John Hunter sees his kids solving climate change, water rights disputes, and nuclear proliferation -- right in the classroom. http://n.pr/1TMvzsm
    Educator John Hunter describes how he finds hope and inspiration in his fourth grade students, all because of a game.
  4. How can we reframe negative narratives about poverty into more optimistic ones. http://n.pr/21E6Z00
    Activist Mia Birdsong says the stories we tell about poverty don't reflect reality. She describes people in her community who are optimistic about their futures — even if the larger society is not.
  5. How a penny made one woman feel hopeful. http://n.pr/24BN9EG
    In describing her experiences of immigration, poverty, and homelessness, psychologist Tania Luna explains that gratitude for the small things creates a rich and hopeful life.