Artist Neil Harbisson was born completely color blind. But thanks to a device attached to his head, he can now "hear" color, which allows him to experience an element that was once invisible. Here’s how it’s changed his world:
  1. He says going to a museum and hearing all the colors in paintings is like “going to a concert hall.”
    Neil harbisson cyborgist
  2. He dresses in a way that “sounds good.”
    He dresses in colors that sounds like C major when he's in a good mood, B minor for sadder days.
  3. Neil can “hear” faces -- and says it's changed the way he perceives beauty.
    “So someone might look very beautiful, but sound terrible.”
  4. He paints music by translating the notes and chords into color.
    Mozart uses a lot of yellow, whereas Justin Bieber is very pink.
  5. He can perceive colors that most humans cannot -- like infrared.
    “Infrared is my favorite color. It's the lowest and it's always in unexpected places.”