In the near future, our devices are going to be able to read our emotions. Computer scientist Rana el Kaliouby has developed the basic technology already -- and the applications for it are endless. Here are some possibilities. Her interview:
  1. Smartphones that know we’re stressed out when we’re texting a friend and suggest a five minute mediation exercise.
  2. Cars that see we’re getting tired and suggests we pull over at the next coffee shop.
  3. Laptops that notice we haven’t laughed in a few days and pulls up some favorite stand up or TV.
  4. iPads that see we’re getting upset reading a news article about a tragedy and find some resources for a related charity.
  5. Laptops that can send your loved ones real time data about your emotions when you write an email.
  6. Smart refrigerators that lock when they can tell we’re stressed.