This list was requested by @jenniferkeene. These cookies show my lack of skill set when I first started decorating cookies and, I'd like to think, how far I've come.
  1. Dresses
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    The icing is too thick, for starters.
  2. Handbags
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    Better consistency, but how 'bout a little side view, and a little perspective?
  3. Jockeys on horses
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    White icing outline is the hallmark of a beginner. I must have made 50 of these to get 2 dozen decent cookies.
  4. Piece of cake
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    What the hell was I thinking? Sure, I pioneered the slice o'cake cookie, but when did you ever seer thick frosting underneath the first cake layer?
  5. Nurse
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    This is so embarrassing. I was in my anime period, or so I thought.
  6. Arizona Iced Tea
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    For the owners of the company, no less. Believe it or not, they used me for many other projects after this.
  7. Bathing beauty
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    I loved this design so much. But I still didn't have the detailing worked out as much as I thought.
  8. Bathing beauties 2
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    Better, and I gave her a boyfriend. I still love his pecs and six-pack.
  9. Female face
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    What was I thinking????
  10. Justin who?
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    I'm terrible at faces.
  11. Almost threw in the towel, but
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    I kept plugging away.