Requested by @evanp
  1. Happy Happy Birthday, @evanp!
  2. If we were in the same city, I'd bring you cookies.
  3. Not just any cookies, either.
  4. Rather, hand-decorated ListApp cookies
    Beta version, ftw.
  5. You'd say 'they're too pretty to eat'!
  6. I'd say what I always say: "you have to eat the cookies."
  7. I'd even surprise you with peanut butter chocolate swirl ice cream.
    Because I've done my homework and read your lists.
  8. And I'd thank you and the team, in person, for creating this incredible community. It's a genius achievement.
  9. Then we'd discuss our favorite cookies from our favorite bakeries.
  10. In unison we'd say "let's make it a LIST!"
  11. We'd high five!
  12. Then I'd say "I'd love to stay, but I know you have work to do."
  13. We'd hug and say 'so long'.
  14. I'd walk out the door, turn around for a final wave, give you a 👍🏻, and say "see you on the @list!!!
  15. Oh, you'd show me what I was doing wrong when trying to add the β to my name. 😉