I've only just begun to scratch the surface of fabulousness that is Asheville. But, here a few suggestions.
  1. Walking tour of art galleries downtown.
    You can pick up a guide at any gallery. My favorite is American Folk.
  2. Listen to some music on the street.
    Abby the spoon lady is my favorite. She busks with some great musicians.
  3. Explore the Blue Ridge Parkway
    In a car or on foot. Great hiking trails
  4. Go to the River Arts District.
    Some fun events down at the river, including tubing.
  5. Explore the beer scene.
    No explanation necessary
  6. Drum Circle on Friday nights.
  7. Visit Malaprops
    One of the great Independent bookstores. Love that olace
  8. Sit at a bar in a restaurant and talk to your neighbors.
    You'll quickly discover that people in Asheville are nice. And happy. It's very disconcerting, at first. But, as someone told me, people move to Asheville because they want to, not because they have to. It all makes sense.
  9. Take a yoga class. Yoga studios are EVERYWHERE!
  10. See who's playing at The Orange Peel. It's awesome!!!
  11. Friday After 5