Kitchen Gadgets, Renamed

I'm a pro baker and an avid savory cook, so it's no surprise that I own a number of kitchen tools intended to make certain tasks easier. My wife, who spends as little time in the kitchen as possible, has her own ideas about these gizmos correct names.
  1. Twirly thing
    Otherwise known as a decorator's turntable. Indispensable to anyone who wants to create a smooth finish on a frosted cake.
  2. Twisty thing
    More commonly known as a whisk. Used for incorporating ingredients, one into another. Or as my wife says 'twist them together '
  3. Chicken pounder
    Also known as a meat tenderizer. And in my kitchen, I use it to pound a big stabilizing dowel through numerous cake tiers to keep them from sliding.
  4. Nippers
    Most chefs say tongs. As great for flipping meat in a pan as they are for making a fine twist of a spaghetti spin. Or, for "nipping" a hard to reach item from from a high shelf. Also, my favorite of her vernacular.
  5. Feel free to add any of your own renamed gadgets, or, gadgets you'd like a new name for. I'm sure Jackie can come up with something for you.
  6. Gin measurer
    1 picture is worth a thousand words. Not judging.