Two days or so ago, I was backing up my phone and downloading the latest IOS. I opted not to back up my newest apps. After everything was up to date, I discovered Listapp was gone.
  1. 1. Gasped 'oh no!' Sweat began squirting from my head, like that cartoon, Cathy.
    You know the feeling. Like when your phone jumps into the toilet, or, if you're like me, you shred the new, unpaid bills, instead of the old paid ones. This felt worse. I ejected myself from my new favorite social network site.
  2. 2. Oh, well. I'm not *that* invested in ListApp
    The lies we tell ourselves so we don't feel the painful truth.
  3. 3. Wait. If I don't have Listapp I wouldn't
    Have conversations about cake with @gwcoffey. I wouldn't laugh at @mallofamanda, because she's so funny. I wouldn't think about all the interesting stuff @ChrisK has on his lists. Heck, I would miss ALL OF YOU! And, @eatthelove would think I'm so lame after he so graciously got me into this world
  4. 4. So, how can I get my app back, without admitting I effed up?
    Checked email for original invitation. Crazy, neat freak that I am, I deleted the invitation. Now, what? I frantically messaged @eatthelove, but with the 3 hour time difference, and the fact that he probably isn't nearly as obsessive about checking his devices for messages because he's a laid back West Coast guy, and I'm a neurotic New Yorkee.
  5. 5. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
    I can't think of anyone's real name who could possibly help me,so I tweeted to @bjnovak. But I didn't name List because I don't want anyone who's shilling their product as hard as they can to know about this wonderful haven for creativity.
  6. 6. More obsessive checking of the device.
    @bjnovak didn't tweet back. And, why should he? He's got way more important things to do than tweet some lame brain who deleted this app!
  7. 7. But, wait.....could this really be?
    A lovely email landed in my inbox from @Nicholas,complete with a link to get back on board. @bjnovak clearly read my tweet and went into action mode.
  8. 8. And, just like *that*, I was back in the game.
    @Nicholas assured me that all of my info was intact, I wouldn't have to start over (I'm a baker, people, not a computer whiz.)
  9. 9. Right then and there, I breathed a sigh of relief and smiled that smile that says, "Yes, yes, I really do love you, Listapp. And I'll never take you for granted (or not back you up) again.
  10. 10. The birds sang, the sky was blue And there were 🍪s and 🎂 for everyone.