It's been raining for hours. Not just rain, but thunder & lightning, the- world-is-ending-get-the-ark kind of rain.
  1. Got out of bed at 4:30am
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    One of our dogs, Vivi, is terrified of thunder. I got up with her, put her thunder shirt on her & gave her a a bit of children's Benadryl to calm her down.
  2. Had a total of 4 espresso shots with milk.
    Which would explain why I'm a bit manic now.
  3. Bathed my other dog, Josie.
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    She's been a bit anxious in her new surroundings, so she's gotten sick a few nights in a row. All better.
  4. Drove to Biltmore Village, by myself.
    15 minutes from here, in the pouring rain.
  5. Made butter.
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    You read that correctly. I'm making Edna Lewis' buttermilk biscuits tomorrow morning, so I turned cream into butter and got a bonus cup of fresh, REAL buttermilk. And, while milk with a shot of vinegar or lemon juice does clabber milk, it's not the same. Who am I, I'm asking myself?
  6. Did a few loads of laundry.
    I love to do laundry.
  7. Published 3 lists today.