Requested by @biz
  1. Rooms, large or small, that have light fixtures with burned out light bulbs.
    We change burned out bulbs immediately at home. When I see a chandelier/sconce/lamp ANYWHERE with a burned out bulb, I cannot stop staring at it. If I knew where the bulbs were, I'd change the darned thing myself.
  2. Men of a certain age who wear bike shorts but there's no bicycle in sight.
    No explanation needed.
  3. Sitting at the vet's office, watching someone leave who has just had to put their pet to sleep.
    Tears always roll down my cheeks when this happens. I know what they're going through and I don't want to stare, I don't want them to see me weeping.
  4. Being on a a high floor of a modern building with floor to ceiling windows.
    I can't stand near the windows, my knees turn to jelly.