Friends are coming over in 4 hours. I'm more ready to cook than I've ever been.
  1. Chicken breasts cut into cutlets, chilling in the 'fridge. They'll come out about 45 minutes or so before I cook them. Instructions written so I don't have to have a cookbook or iPad out to clutter my workspace.
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  2. Red onions, sliced and ready. Scrawled instructions on plastic wrap.
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  3. Olives, orange zest, fresh orange juice, fennel powder and more instructions.
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  4. Broken spaghetti for farro pilaf.
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  5. Farro and shallots.
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  6. Chopped Italian parsley with info.
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  7. Ashley Rodriguez's incredible salted chocolate chunk cookies. They were already made & frozen. I just baked them off this morning. Ice cream is in the freezer, too!
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  8. Hors d'oeuvres on their way home with my wife. Salad to be made shortly. Dressing's made.
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  9. Table's set. Vacuum cleaner in top left corner of photo will be put away.
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  10. Wine's chilling, too!!
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  11. Now I can enjoy cocktail hour. Fingers crossed that I don't enjoy it so much, that I throw away all my plastic wrap cue cards!