Tonight's Dinner Setup

Friends are coming over in 4 hours. I'm more ready to cook than I've ever been.
  1. Chicken breasts cut into cutlets, chilling in the 'fridge. They'll come out about 45 minutes or so before I cook them. Instructions written so I don't have to have a cookbook or iPad out to clutter my workspace.
  2. Red onions, sliced and ready. Scrawled instructions on plastic wrap.
  3. Olives, orange zest, fresh orange juice, fennel powder and more instructions.
  4. Broken spaghetti for farro pilaf.
  5. Farro and shallots.
  6. Chopped Italian parsley with info.
  7. Ashley Rodriguez's incredible salted chocolate chunk cookies. They were already made & frozen. I just baked them off this morning. Ice cream is in the freezer, too!
  8. Hors d'oeuvres on their way home with my wife. Salad to be made shortly. Dressing's made.
  9. Table's set. Vacuum cleaner in top left corner of photo will be put away.
  10. Wine's chilling, too!!
  11. Now I can enjoy cocktail hour. Fingers crossed that I don't enjoy it so much, that I throw away all my plastic wrap cue cards!