You may have to google some of these, since many are from 'the early days' of television. This list is in no particular order, either.
  1. The Ernie Kovacs Show
    I don't remember much because I was still in my playpen when I watched this. But The Nairobi Trio always mesmorized me. Kovacs was a brilliant comic mind.
  2. The Hathaways
    Peggy Cass starred in this show about humans who had 3 chimpanzee 'kids'. I always wanted some either a chimp or a little monkey as a pet, and this show fed that fantasy. Parents never caved, sadly.
  3. The Mike Douglas Show
    Pleasant entertainment in the 60's & 70's.
  4. Merv Griffin
    I adored Merv and this show. So many great guests, including one of my all time favorites, Totie Fields. Many years later, as an adult, I had the occasion to meet Merv, who was shopping with Eva Gabor. Wish I had not stopped myself from gushing, even a little, over him.
  5. The David Susskind Show
    My first introduction to Andy Warhol and The Facotry, including Candy Darling, Joe Dallesandro, Taylor Mead, Holly Woodlawn and others. . Susskind was a phenomenal interviewer. Sort of a precursor to Charlie Rose, but with much more drama!
  6. The Virginia Graham Show
    The View couldn't hold a candle to this grand dame. At least to my 10-11 year old self.
  7. The Twilight Zone
    No explanation needed
  8. The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
    Who wouldn't love a couple of spies names Napoleon Solo and Ilya Kuryakin?
  9. Topper
    Before Leo G. Carroll joined U.N.C.L.E., he was a mild-mannered man whose house was haunted by the most sophisticated ghost couple George & Marian (Robert Sterling & Anne Jeffreys) and their ghost St. Bernard, Neil.
  10. I'm sure there were so many more, but talk shows were my absolute favorites.