1. Puff pastry
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    The magical power of flour, butter and water never ceases to amaze me. Rolling and folding that shaggy mess into the glorious 'velvet' of the dough world When apples, sugar and a bit of lemon juice show up, an irresistible tarte tatin can be yours.
  2. Pie dough
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    No extra words needed. My favorite way to make pie dough is similar to making puff pastry. Flaky, flavorful crust every time.
  3. Pâte à choux
    Any dough that can be a cheese puff, a profiterole or an eclair gets my undying respect.
  4. Pizza
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    Nothing's better than homemade pizza. I've been using Jim Lahey's no-knead recipe for years now. It's delicious, has a great chew to it, and is impossible to screw up. The one pictured here is roasted broccoli and sausage.