We've all been in dyersburg, and needed to take a slam, so I'm gonna list the best choices you have if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation.
  1. Lowes.
    By far the best place to take a slam in public. Why? Who visits lowes for the most part? Men. Men take some nasty shits. Nothing to be ashamed of here. Plus handicap bathroom. Relax, you're in public restroom heaven. Let it fly. Downside: there isn't one.
  2. Arby's
    Brand new bathroom, and it's a one person with a lock that shows the restroom is occupied. It's no ideal because the counter is right there facing you when you walk in, so if you're just going in to drop some bombs they're gonna know. It is very new, and super clean, though.
  3. Enterprise Rent A Car
    Once again this isn't ideal, but sometimes you just can't make it all the way to Lowes. Biggest upside is its clean, and a 1 seater. Also it can take anything you can dish out. I know from experience. John Dodds himself has taken some MAJOR ground shaking shits in there, and it took it like a champ. It is a very small office, however, and the employees will ask how they can help you. Best advice is to keep your head down, and make a b line in, and out.
  4. Java Cafe.
    Obviously this is right across from lowes, but let's say you're having some white girl frappe bullshit, and you feel a nasty wet one on the way. Once again we've got a 1 person with a lock. Plus it's really clean, and smells like coffee. Downside: you're gonna have 12 teenage white girls with their parents debt cards in hand judging you on your way out of that war zone shit you just took.
  5. Chick-fil-a.
    Look don't shit in a holy place like this. It's better to shit your pants, and feel like a 2 year old than spend eternity in hell for doing ungodly things in the restaurant that Jesus built. If you value your mortal soul, pass.