1. 5. Mulan
    This cracks the top five for the sole reason it was always LIT in music class back in 2nd grade. That "I'm gonna make a man out of you" was heat idc what anyone says.
  2. 4. Pocahontas
    The soundtrack is one of the best in all of the Disney movies. Plus the story is one of the best.
  3. 3. Miracle
    I couldn't tell you one thing about Hockey, or its rules, but this movie gives me chills every time I watch it. Kurt Russell has tons of lines in this movie that get me next level hype. May do a list solely on that some time.
  4. 2. Toy Story
    I went as Woody 3 years in a row for Halloween. Enough said.
  5. 1. Lion King
    This is the Michael Jordan of animated films. There's not one person in America that is at least 15 years of age that doesn't know what Hakuna Matata means. Always remember if you don't watch the lion king at least once a year Scar wins.